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Lora Mao, Realtor

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About Lora


Call Lora today at (281) 841-5026 or e-mail [email protected]. She is a real estate expert specializing in buying, selling or leasing a home. She has many years of experience in real estate transactions both personally as investments and as a real estate agent in the Houston and surrounding neighborhoods.  Lora is a member of Houston Association of Realtors, Texas Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors. 


 If you are an investor and need someone to lease or sell your home, she will help you like it was her own investment. Lora is highly trained in being a landlord, handling tenants, and helping you find the perfect investment home. The home may not look pretty, but she can show you the potential in any home. She is a member of Lifestyles Unlimited (an organization that buys, fixes, holds or flips homes. She has also attended flipping school with one of the top flippers in Houston area.  She is an expert marketer. Your listings will be broadcast on Facebook, Youtube, Linked In, Craigslist, and Twitter. Professional snapshots will be taken of the home and a virtual video produced to help sell or lease your home.



Lora is an agent at Realm in Katy, Texas, but will handle properties in any area around Houston and its suburbs. She is also part of a team. That means instead of one real estate agent, you will get two. This maximizes the chances for a quick sale.  Your home will be reviewed and CMA's run to make sure your home is priced at the market rate. If you don't get your home marketed right and at the right price, it will stay on the market longer. She will make recommendations on repairs and cosmetic changes that can make a difference in the sale or lease of your home.



Lora moved here in 2008 and knows how it feels to come into a new town and figure out where everything is and best places to eat and shop. She will guide you and give you information that other agents will not take the time to do. There are many things to keep in mind when you are purchasing and selling a home. Lora is not out to make a quick buck. She wants to make a long lasting professional relationships to gain repeat customers.



A bit of personal information about Lora.  She is married with a 17 year old daughter and live in Cinco Ranch, Katy, TX.  She has worked over 30 years as an executive assistant and customer service representative.  Also, in her spare time she loves to walk, swim and mix music.  She has seven CD's out and her music is used in video productions and films.  She grew up in the Michigan, lived in Chicago for some time, and moved to Katy in 2008.


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Broker:  Realm Real Estate Professionals

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